I am a Swedish Korean adoptee and I work with fine art and illustration.

My images includes themes of mellanförskap/betweenship, belonging, environment, heritage, race and ethnicity. Through details, symbols and icons I want to make the viewer aware of their own gaze and background and to make us reflect on Swedishness, whiteness, adoption, taste, betweenship and exoticism.

I am interested in what shapes identity, ethnicity and to discuss international adoption from an economical, sociological, historical and political perspective.

I question hierarchy and norms in the limbo between fine art and illustration, and I admire the time consuming, thoughtful and slow craft. My images are carefully woven, shaped and layered.  I want my race and working class background (and the images therefrom) to be present in my work, also as a reminder of what is often excluded or not considered in a fine art sphere.