As a female, Swedish Korean adoptee I work with positioning from a self-perspecitve and what I call “mellanförskap” “betweenship”. My images are fantasies built on knowledge, ignorance and memories re-viewed. Symbols, details and icons which are friendly and pleasant can also turn to be itching, awkward and questioning. I wish that this gaze can help us reflect on concepts such as swedishness, whiteness, adoption, betweenship and exoticism.

Henceforth I want to work with identity and adoption politics, but also with questioning of hierarchy and norms. Neither fine art, nor illustration, (or maybe it is both?) a limbo of between, my images come in a dress of what could be considered empty and low status but the language it aim to carry is sensitive and high. I want my race and working class background to be present in my images, also as a reminder of what is often excluded or not considered in a fine art sphere.